Careers in Accounting

If you’ve arrived at this article, then there’s a better than average chance that you’re considering finding yourself a career in the accounting sector. And who can blame you! Accountants are in high demand, with a supply that never seems to be quite enough to completely fill that demand, so there is a lot of job security associated with Accountancy. Not to mention that accountants tend to get paid higher salaries than the average salary in the United States of America.

It takes qualifications to become an accountant though, and one of the best qualifications you can target is the CPA, which requires that you pass an exam. More on this can be found at Crush The CPA Exam. It’s a great site, with lots of information that you can use to further boost your traction in the accounting field.

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Yaeger vs Becker; Which Should You Choose?

If you are struggling to figure out which CPA review program you want to purchase, then maybe you just need to know the facts.

Two popular programs include the Yeager CPA Review and Becker CPA Review. Choosing between these two is often difficult because they both offer so much great material.

Let’s break them down though.

Yaeger vs Becker

Becker is great because it has user friendly lecture notes. Each section is categorized into subsections for ease.

Becker also offers DVDs, lecture notes and practice test questions in the same format as on the CPA exam.

Yaeger on the other hand, offers a more practical approach. Accounting concepts are effectively taught via DVDs. It also has hundreds of multiple choice questions to practice and a hotline to call for any questions you may have regarding the material.

Yaeger also shares tips and tricks for passing the CPA that other programs do not share.

Choosing may be difficult, but once the decision is made use one of our promo codes when purchasing. Click here and get discounts!

The Ultimate Audio Review Duo

There’s nothing better than having two great products pull together and create something even better.

Yaeger CPA Review and Wiley CPAexcel Review have joined forces to create an audio CPA review.

What makes this so revolutionary is that these two review courses understand that students need flexibility when it comes to studying.

Together Wiley and Yaeger CPA audio incorporates high quality lectures with the ease of modern technology. One of the best things about it is that you are able to download the audio files onto multiple audio devices. This allows you to playback lectures as needed, from wherever you are, however many times you want.

Each section costs $125, but the length of each varies depending on the material covered. You also have the option to purchase all 4 sections together for $445.

There has been so much positive feedback from this audio program, that I would strongly suggest it.

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Review for the EA Exam With Gleim

Now not only can you review for your CPA exam with the Gleim instruction, but also the Enrolled Agent Exam.

Enrolled agents are licensed by the IRS and considered tax professionals. To become licensed they must pass the SEE which demonstrates that they have superior knowledge pertaining to all tax-related matters.

While there is no educational pre-requisites for sitting for the EA exam, you will want to be sure to study.

As a Gleim Enrolled Agent studier, you will learn all about client rights, priveleges and liabilities as according to the IRS.

The Gleim EA review program prepares you with computer-based prep exams that offer advice immediately following the completion of the exam.

Gleim review course is easy to understand and learn from. They help you understand why you may have answered a particular question wrong.

One of the best things about Gleim is they offer great material for one of the cheapest fees. They also don’t mess around. This program is arranged so you waste the least amount of time.

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Audio Review For The CPA

Not all of us learn from reading books upon books. Some of us are hands on and others learn by listening.

Whether you’re on the go or audio learning is up your alley, there is a CPA audio review you may want to check out.

Gleim CPA review course has come out with the Gleim CPA Audio. This audio course is a complete collection of everything regularly offered in their review course.

There is one overview for each unit of study. The reason there are these overviews is to explain key concepts you will be covering in each section. This gives you a reference for all the details covered in the book format.

Not sure if audio learning is for you? You can download a free demo of this review before making a final decision.

Once you purchase it, you have the option to download it onto a laptop or desktop. Don’t fret, you can upload it to your smartphone or favourite audio device afterwards.

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CPA Review Cost Comparison

Part of passing the CPA exam relies on studying beforehand and getting yourself set up with a Review course that fits your particular learning style.

Being a student – or fresh graduate – you know better than anyone how tight funds can be. You don’t have the capital to blow cash on a review course that won’t do you any good. That being said, here’s a CPA review cost comparison to help tackle the money issue.

There are 5 standard CPA review courses that I would categorize at the top of the list.

One of the most expensive review courses is Becker. The Becker CPA Review cost was raised to just over $3000 not too long ago. You have 12 months to complete the program, which doesn’t make it ideal for many students.

CPAexcel review offers bite size lessons and costs about $1800. Flashcards and several software formats make it easy for using on the go.

Yaeger CPA review costs just over $1500 and has the best student support. You can call their instructor hotline with any questions you may have.

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Introducing CPA Course for Credit Programs

There’s a revolution in the world of CPA’s. For ages you have had to complete your educational requirements and then dedicated months, even a year to studying for the CPA exam.

What if I told you there was a way to earn credit and review for the exam at the same time?

Well, now there is.

Roger CPA Review and CPAexcel have partnered with universities to create a CPA course for credit program to help you complete your educational requirements and prepare you for the examination.

Roger CPA Review has partnered with CSU-Chico to offer students a way to achieve their 150 credit hours and prepare for the exam. You can read more about what they offer by checking out,

CPA EXCEL has partnered with UNA to create the Professional Accounting Prep Program. For a reasonable price you can now complete your educational requirements by choosing specific courses needed to fulfill your degree.

School and studying have never been easier. Check out on of these course for credit programs today.


A Review of the Fast Forward Academy EA Review

Are you getting ready to write the Enrolled Agent Exam, but aren’t sure where to start. You know you need a review program, but aren’t sure which one is best for you. Well, the Fast Forward Academy is a leader in EA examination prep.

The Fast Forward Academy EA Review comes with a complete book covering all 3 sections featured in the exam. The design of the course is meant to give you the most information with the least amount of time required. You will get help from Enrolled Agents, CPAs, Tax Attorneys, and former IRS employees.

Students who study with this program have a pass rate of 80% on their very first try.

You will have access to online test banks and be able to take practice tests. The test banks allow you to see your level of knowledge immediately after you answer the question. This way you can gauge how much more preparation you will need.

If you are interested in this review program, read more about it here.

How to Pass the CMA Exam

The pass rate of the CMA exam is only 35%. It’s so low for various reasons including the lack of proper preparation, the fact that it is a very tough exam, and because candidates do not use the best CMA review course.

In order to properly prepare, a candidate needs a very effective study plan that clearly lays out a schedule and topics to study on a weekly basis. With a structured plan such as the one described, the likelihood of passing the CMA exam increases.

In addition to a study plan, choosing a solid review course, such as Gleim CMA, is extremely important. Not only are the topics covered in detail, but the additional resources such as video and audio are a great way to solidify the concepts. Below is a video from part of a series that Gleim created that will help you learn how to pass your CMA exam:

In the CMA Coach Toolkit, you will find all you need to successfully prepare for the exam, and pass on your first try.

It’s also important to understand the requirements for the CMA exam. The following must be fulfilled in order to obtain your CMA designation:

  • Membership in IMA
  • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university
  • Two continuous years of professional experience in financial management or management accounting. (Tip: You have up to 7 years from the date of your your exam to complete the two years work experience.)
  • Entrance into the CMA exam
  • Completion of Part 1 and Part 2 of the CMA exam

Lastly, CMA’s on average earn over $115,000 per year and hold top management and executive positions in privately held companies. If you are looking to be influential and command respect and a high salary, the CMA designation is worth the investment.

CPA Exam Process

Now that you are a CPA exam candidate it’s time to ensure your success. To pass this exam and become a certified public accountant, you will need to keep more than just CPA exam preparation in mind.

As each state has set forth specific requirements for qualification, here’s what you will need to know to prepare for the examination and the CPA exam requirements by state.

1. Get to know the exam.

There are several sections that comprise this exam and knowing which material and content is covered in each section will help you better prepare. Once you know what material is in each section you can choose a study course, such as Wiley’s CPAexcel course which will help you pass.

2. Book an exam date.

Find out when you are eligible to be tested so you can devise a study program that fits within your specified time frame. Once you have a timeline you can hit the books. Be sure to check out what supplements, like the Fast Forward Academy CPA reviews free practice questions, which will benefit your efforts.

3. Study hard.

In the months leading up to your exam date , you are going to want to study like you’ve never studied before. You will also need to ensure you have fulfilled more than just the CPA exam requirements. Make sure you have what is required to obtain your CPA license.

Now that you’re all ready, be sure to pick out a solid CPA review course to study with! I recommend ExamMatrix CPA Review course because it’s effective and is the most affordable on the market.